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We love hearing from potential brides and answering all of their questions before they book. Please feel free to reach out to us by visiting our contact us page.

1. How long have you been filming weddings? 
Something New Media was started in August of 2013, after 8 years of video production work in the southwest by Devin Berko. We are actively producing some of the best wedding films and video productions in Arizona, and are looking to travel and produce more project all across the country, including Chicago, Telluride, San Diego, Montana, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, just to name a few.

2. How does your packages/collections work?
It’s good to know that all of our film collections come with at least one BlueRay or DVD, a USB thumb drive of all of the RAW footage from our cinematographer’s cameras, and a finished film of the day’s events. Each collection has been designed to fit different wants and needs of each of our clients.

Our first two collections (the Something Simple & Something Classic) are more of a music video collection, with the main production being more of a music video highlight film.

Our middle collection and our most popular, the Something Vintage, is what we like to refer to as a more traditional wedding film presentation. It includes your ceremony and speeches from beginning to end as an additional two videos and then your narrative wedding film which is more of a mix of documentary and music video, in terms of final presentation. We like to say this is a more wedding film presentation, because it includes all of the major elements that traditionally make a wedding film collection/package outside of what we do creatively.

Then our Documentary collections (the Something New & the Something Timeless), are our flagship storytelling films. We capture interviews with the couple to tell the backbone story of your wedding day. We even go as far as to include a wedding film trailer that features snippets of your day in a one to five minute video, a super 8 film package, and a hard cover photo book presentation.

3. Do you travel?
Yes. We are available for travel nationwide and are presently working with couples from all over the United States. We’ve had the opportunity to work with couples from all over the nation. The past year, we’ve traveled all over the state of Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Payson, Springerville), and have had the privilege to travel to Honalulu, Hi; Telluride, Co; Colorado Springs, Co; and Dallas, Tx. 

4. What are the costs associated with travel?
Something New Media is located in Mesa, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois, but we are available for travel nationwide. For weddings outside the greater area of Chicago or Phoenix, travel is required and the costs associated with this varies, depending on the location. If Travel is a requirement for your Package, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

5. Have you shot my ceremony or reception venue before?
This is always a good question to ask, not just from a creative standpoint but also from a timeline and strategy angle. We love working at the same venue constantly because it gives us an opportunity to grow the relationship for future couples. You can check out our Vimeo Page and search every venue we’ve recorded at to see if your venue is on there or you can contact us to ask.

6. Will you be shooting any other weddings the weekend of my wedding? 

Something New Media prides itself in its ability to provide multiple wedding cinematographers across the many markets that we service. We will be as attentive to your wedding as if it was the only wedding we would shoot that day because each client experience is just as important as the next.

7. Will you be the one shooting on the day of?

Typically, the person picking up the phone will not be the person shooting your wedding and we try to be transparent as possible of this. All of our cinematographers are Something New Media Certified and because of this, we feel that our work is of a certain level that surpasses most of the competition due to the sheer division of labor that occurs from booking all the way to post-production.

In terms of your cinematographer, we search high and low in each region for the best possible filmmakers and cinematographers to tell your story. It’s one of the elements of Something New Media that separates us from the rest. If you would like to request a certain videographer, or after searching through our portfolio, you find a film that you fall in love with, let us know so we can make arrangements in that cinematographer’s schedule to be there on the day of your wedding.

8. How long does it take to finish my wedding film?

On average it takes us one to three months to finish a film, beating most of our competitors 4 to 6 month turnaround time.

After your Wedding Day, we’ll email you a post-production form. Please fill this out. This has all sorts of important information that we’ll need like proper first and last name spellings, music choices or suggestions, and whether you want BlueRay or DVD, etc.

Each editor we have spends about one to three weeks working on each film, to make sure it’s perfect for your review. And if it isn’t, we give you the first couple of hours of re-editing, free of charge.

Upon receiving a first cut of the highlight film, which will be delivered digitally to the email on file, you have one week to request “tweak” edits on your film which would consist of no more than 20% of the video’s total run time (trt). 

The average Turnaround is approximately 1 to 3 months, and varies, depending on your Package, Extras, dynamics effecting Editorial, and season of the year.

  Simple, Classic Vintage New, Timeless
January 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month
February 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month
March 2 Month 2 Month 2 Month
April 2 Month 2 Month 3 Month
May 2 Month 2 Month 2 Month
June 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month
July 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
August 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
September 1 Month 2 Month 2 Month
October 2 Month 3 Month 3 Month
November 2 Month 3 Month 3 Month
December 2 Month 2 Month 2 Month


9. Do you incorporate audio (i.e., vows, toasts, etc.) into our wedding films?
Yes. We record audio nearly every time we press the red button. However, we never intend to use all of it during Editorial when stitching together your wedding films. Exactly how much and what audio we incorporate is dependent on many things, including the creative and technical dynamics involved during Editorial, your style and preferences, and the type of audio that lends itself well to the storytelling process.

Audio is typically included in RAW files, which is always apart of every wedding film collection that we sell. Audio in our 8 to 30 minute films is a standard component of the Something Vintage, Something New and Something Timeless Collections.

10. How do you choose music?

We have relationships and experience working with local artists, we have a large library of royalty free music, and we license mainstream content. We make recommendations for music based on what lends itself well to the storytelling process, always keeping in mind your style, preferences, etc. You are definitely invited to participate in this conversation, as this is an exciting part of your experience with us! Oftentimes, music selection is something we touch on before the wedding and then make final decisions about afterwards, when we revisit the conversation during Editorial.

If you’re considering hiring us, we strongly recommend that you read this post about music licensing.

11. How do you typically dress?
We blend in with the context of the Location. If filming early in the day wherever the gals or guys are hanging out (a house, salon, golf course, hotel, resort, park, etc.), we dress casual. Then, during the ceremony and reception, we dress professional – usually somewhere between business casual and what your best dressed guests are wearing. We typically don’t wear a suit or tuxedo because this attire doesn’t allow us the flexibility we need in order to be in various positions while filming.

12. Do you carry insurance?
Yes, we carry both general and liability insurance.

13. I’ve already booked a photographer, why do I need a cinematographer too?
We love partnering and working alongside other vendors in our industry, especially photographers. We have a personal affinity for photography, and believe investing in photography for your wedding should be important. But as much as we appreciate photographers and enjoy their work, this doesn’t change the fact that they have limitations that cinematographers don’t. We offer things that photographers simply can’t. In regards to what takes place on your actual wedding day, still photography starts and stops with still photography. Then afterwards, photography takes what was captured and allows split-seconds of it to be displayed, frozen in time. Wedding cinematography moves far beyond this, capturing not just snapshots of your wedding day, but entire moments, interactions, conversations, and events (which oftentimes last seconds, minutes, or even hours). Then afterwards, we don’t just display your wedding day as a still-life. We share it as a rich and dynamic, cinematic story experience. It moves, it breathes, and it gasps. Sometimes it whispers and is a bit shy, and at other times, maybe even childlike. It’s serious, but laughs with the best of them, and occasionally will sneak away – only to return, revealing a fun surprise. And of course, when feeling a bit emotional, it joyfully cries. Our wedding cinematography doesn’t just tell any story. We tell a true story – the story of the most important day of your life. In doing this, we enable your wedding day to actually live. And sometimes the best part of real life is closing your eyes and listening. Imagine the conversations while you’re at the salon getting your hair and makeup done, or the excitement you’ll hear in your groom’s voice as he’s with his guys, anticipating the moment he sees you, or the sounds of laughter and encouragement from your gals after you’ve stepped into the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were little girl, or your heartfelt vows during the ceremony, the pronouncement of your marriage after you’ve kissed, and those whirring moments of applause when everything nostalgically bears down on you in the most comfortable of ways as you grace the aisle together, finally as one. Then, the introduction of your wedding party as you make your reception debut, or the toasts, roasts, and words of advice from your closest family and friends, and yes – the buzz of excitement that permeates the air as you party into the night. With our wedding cinematography, we have the ability to capture all of these things. Around here, we have a playful saying that hints at what we’re talking about. It wasn’t crafted out of disrespect, but rather from a heart that wants to encourage you to think creatively about the dynamic differences between photography and cinematography. At first glance, it looks like a statement and may sound like a command, but it’s more of an invitation than anything else.

14. What are the payment plans that you offer?
Option A: 50% Down, 50% the Day of the Wedding